₦‎7,000,000 Debt

₦‎7,000,000 Debt

Dec 11th, 2022 | A story about debit and focus
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I work hard.
I do the work from start to finish.
And, although some of the results might not be of excellent quality or they’re delivered late, I still get it done.
I’m not driven by motivation.
Thing is, I don’t have a choice.
There’s a ₦‎7,000,000 debt I owe due to a failed deal with someone in China.
There’s no choice.
I’ve gotta work two jobs as a customer success specialist and a growth assistant to earn enough to pay small-small monthly.
If I don’t do this, the person I owe will find me and kill me.
My social life is stalled at the moment till I’m done paying what I owe.
No dates, no outings, no eating fancy.
Just work and pay my debt.
Every day, I go through a series of depressive moments and anxiety.
God, abeg!
On the positive;
Another side of me is happy because it takes me out of my comfort zone.
It pushes me to live on the edge.
It tests my creativity and pushes my limit.
It has made me believe, there’s nothing I can’t achieve.
It has made me strong.
I’m so focused.