Enter Product Management I

Enter Product Management I

May 8th, 2023 | I'm transitioning
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I'm transitioning from Customer Success to Product Management.
There are many reasons why I'm transitioning but the strongest is that;
a.) I'm usually very happy around engineers & designers.
b.) I want to be skilled in something with a higher remuneration value.
c.) Product Managers work on everything with everybody involved in a product, so it's the best opportunity for learning on the job how to build institutions and businesses if that's something I hope to pursue in the future.
A week ago, I enrolled in the Product Management course offered by the Side Hustle Internship program for absolute beginners.
I'm a week old into it and scored 75 over 100 per cent in the first-week assessment.
The course is taught by Damilola Agboluaje who gives the best analogies for things like Product Lifecycle, Product Strategy, Product Vision etc. I've grasped her teachings well.
It is a four-week course, and hopefully, I will follow it through to the end.
Fingers crossed.
On y va!