Enter Product Management II

Enter Product Management II

May 29th, 2023 | My transition continues
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Four weeks have passed and I have completed my course on Product Management offered by the Side Hustle Internship.
Also, the universe aligned for me this week and the CTO where I work, in a stand-up meeting, offered me the opportunity to fill in as a Product Manager.
Geez, I'm happy because God answers prayers and scared because I'm not sure if I am ready to work on real life products.
I intend to take the role and have concluded that I will have to read a lot of books, break a lot of things, ask lots of questions, and appear stupid in a lot of situations. I hope, however, the people I'll be working with will be patient with me to figure stuff out.
I'll continue my learning with a Udemy course on Product Management and will occasionally browse the r/productmanagement subreddit for resources, tips and advice from beginners & the experienced.
Lastly, I'm curious. You see how designers have portfolio websites to showcase the work they've done, how do product managers show their Proof of Work?