Product Management III: Cancelled

Product Management III: Cancelled

Nov 3rd, 2023 | Restarting Again
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A lot has happened since Product Management II.
I almost completed a Product Management course on Udemy then I stopped. It isn't because I was lazy, but because it felt like I was forcing myself to learn.
That's not an excuse but I already have a stable job as a Customer Support Analyst and can afford to learn things I only enjoy learning.
Forward to a few weeks later, I took up Product Design: Started learning and even created a portfolio then I stopped. Sitting stagnant for hours in front of a computer moving shapes doesn't feel like something I'll want to do long term.
I enjoy moving and would prefer a skill that keeps me physically active. It doesn't have to categorically be tech. It could be anything.
Will dedicate the rest of the year to thinking hard about what to learn and restarting my personal development goals.