Sporting Lagos Founding Membership

Sporting Lagos Founding Membership

Sep 10th, 2022 | Supporting a local football club in Lagos
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₦50,000! That’s exactly how much it costs to purchase a Sporting Lagos Founding Membership and I’ve just bought one.
It took me two months of work to earn and save to purchase it but I think it’s worth it.
One, I became a founding member because… ‘Shola Akinlade’. He’s a tech entrepreneur whose startup, Paystack, got acquired by Stripe for $200,000,000. What’s ₦50,000 not to trust Shola with?
The second reason is the idea of turning football into a powerful engine that creates opportunities for young people and building a multigenerational football club. This CNN article explains better.
A speculative third reason is Sporting Lagos will make the Nigerian Premier League cool. See Twitter, they’re the most followed football club in the second division. You’d almost think they’re an EPL club. Pardon my exaggeration.
Lastly, there is a good chance you’ll meet the investor you’ve been chasing for ages for funds or the tech bro/sis you have been hoping to meet for a long time at a Sporting Lagos home game.
What’s in for Founding Member?
Founding Members will receive the following:
1. Private updates on the progress of Sporting Lagos Football Club and a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to build a world-class team from scratch.
There's an unannounced 5th benefit that Ekene Agu, the babe that writes emails for Sporting Lagos, shared with me.
5. We also have a lot of planned events activities and deals for Founding members over the course of our many journeys to build a legendary football club.
Colour me excited. I can’t wait to go outside, have fun and hopefully meet babes. hehe.
Interested individuals can become Founding Members by visiting this link.
go go sporting! let’s go